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What is an Editorial Coach, anyway?

As an editorial coach my focus is first and foremost on the you, the writer. What are your goals, what is holding you back from achieving them, and how can I support you to make meaningful progress?

I always flex my approach to what suits the writers’ individual needs, in fact, the focus is so much on the individual that I often work with writers and never read a single word of theirs! Yes, really!


Coaching gets the best results over a course of sessions, held regularly over a number of weeks or months and packages are tailored to your needs. However, in some circumstances great results can be gained from a one-off ‘SOS’ session. But don’t take my word for it – visit my testimonial page to hear directly from some of my clients.


Get some #MondayMotivation!

Why not join in with my community of supportive writers every Monday and kick-start your writing week the
right way!

Monday Motivation is a free Facebook Live session designed to deliver an inspiring, motivating boost to your writing week. I start with celebrating your wins – big or small – and encourage proactive goal-setting for the week, before moving on to offer up tips on a chosen topic.


Join my community!

If you’d like support and encouragement with your writing, head on over to my friendly Facebook group where I hang out during the week.


This space is for writers of all genres and abilities to meet like-minded people and to gain motivation and knowledge  all week long. 


I also host writing workshops throughout the year and the best way to find out about those and all my services is to sign-up to my weekly newsletter.

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