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Hi, I’m Joanne, and I believe deeply in the power of love and storytelling.

It is therefore no surprise that I spent over 16 years working in editorial for the global bestselling publisher Harlequin, who you will know best for their iconic Harlequin/Mills & Boon Romance novels. 

Although my specialism is in the Romance genre, I work with writers of all fiction because I understand how to coach writers to deliver their best work whatever their story.

I also love to chat! I am a confident, motivating speaker with years of public speaking and presenting experience including live TV and radio broadcasts, workshops and conference addresses. So becoming a Life and Wedding Celebrant was a natural progression for me. After all, I have years of experience helping to bring fictional uplifting stories into the world, why not help others share their true love and life stories! 

Most of all though, I enjoy working with people - to inspire, motivate and help them reach their goals.

Oh, and I am happily married to my own real-life hero of two decades (he's a Scotland Yard Detective) and we are settled in the leafy suburbs of Surrey with our two demanding cats.

So that's me... I'd love to hear from you!

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